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As we traverse through the historic streets of Bath, wander the idyllic paths of Cheltenham, and explore the royal heritage of Windsor, Sutton Hotel Collection invites you to experience a tapestry of romance. Each location offers a unique backdrop for love stories, old and new, blending rich history with luxurious, modern-day romantic breaks. Whether you are planning a quiet weekend getaway or a lavish anniversary celebration, discover how each of our hotels curates unforgettable moments of affection.

The Romantic Legacy of Bath

The city of Bath, with its sweeping crescents and thermal springs, has long been a setting for romance. Historically, it was the place where Georgian gentry would gather, drawn by the allure of the spa waters and the promise of opulent balls. Today, The Francis Hotel embraces this romantic heritage, offering tailored getaways that allow couples to bask in the city’s ancient charm. Picture a candlelit dinner featuring classic dishes, followed by a private tour of the Roman Baths, illuminated under the night sky.

Cheltenham’s Regency Romance

In Cheltenham, the romance of the Regency era lingers like a whispered sonnet. The town was once a favoured destination for nobility seeking relaxation and the social whirl of the season. The Queens Hotel Cheltenham captures this enchanting atmosphere with its Regency architecture and modern luxuries. Couples can enjoy a romantic break strolling through the manicured gardens of Pittville Park or attending a show at the Everyman Theatre, with the reassurance that you will return to your bedroom complete with a bottle of Prosecco and a Made by Coopers sleep kit.

Windsor’s Royal Courtships

No place tells tales of romance quite like Windsor, with its storied castle and historic ties to British royalty. The Castle Hotel Windsor is steeped in tales of royal courtships and prestigious gatherings. Today, the hotel offers romantic break ideas that make every guest feel like royalty. Imagine a day spent exploring Windsor Great Park, followed by a sunset champagne toast overlooking the castle, ensuring a truly regal experience.

Modern-Day Love Stories

While honouring their historic pasts, each hotel in the Sutton Hotel Collection also crafts contemporary romantic experiences. Our hotels provide the perfect settings to create new memories. Our dedicated team specialise in curating personalised experiences, whether arranging a surprise proposal setup or suggesting a day of adventure in the surrounding countryside.

From Bath’s ancient allure to Cheltenham’s regal charm and Windsor’s royal connections, Sutton Hotel Collection offers more than just a stay—it promises a journey through the ages of romance. Every visit is an opportunity to weave your own love story into the rich fabric of these historic locales. Join us, and let the romantic settings and unique offerings of our hotels inspire a timeless love story of your own.

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