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Afternoon Tea

There is something very special about the traditional British afternoon tea. It is a time-honoured tradition that dates back to 1840 when the seventh Duchess of Bedford – a close friend to Queen Victoria – would become hungry at around 4:00 pm. She would be served sandwiches, scones and tea to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner, and so the tradition began. 

The modern-day afternoon tea continues to be hugely popular. Whether you are getting the girls together for an overdue catch-up, celebrating a birthday, or simply showing Dad how much you appreciate him, the afternoon tea has become the perfect treat for spending quality time together. It is an occasion that spans multiple generations and, let’s face it, who doesn’t like a tray (or crown) stacked with sandwiches, yummy pastries, cakes, freshly baked scones and lashings of clotted cream?

At the three hotels within the Sutton Hotel Collection, crafting the best and most exquisite afternoon tea in our local area has become something of a mission.

The Francis Hotel afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea in Bath at The Francis Hotel

Take The Francis Hotel in Bath as an example. Located right in the heart of Bath city centre on Queen Square, the hotel is surrounded by the iconic Georgian architecture that you may recognise from Netflix drama Bridgerton. Our beautifully themed Bridgerton afternoon tea includes a cocktail named after one of the characters, alongside jumbo scones with lashings of Devonshire cream. Why not try a Simon Basset, which mixes Rye whisky with Campari, lemon and syrup – delicious.

A Royal and Regal Afternoon Tea in Windsor

At The Castle Hotel in Windsor, you are surrounded by royalty being just a few minute’s stroll from the gates of Windsor Castle, so it is only fitting that your afternoon tea will be served to you on a unique tray in the shape of a crown to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III (it also means we can squeeze more cakes on). Our recently revamped Royal Afternoon Tea celebrates our beloved royal family and the amazing talents of our kitchen team. It includes homemade jam made here at the hotel, Battenburg cakes which were one of her late majesty’s favourite and named after King Charles III grandmother; Princess Alice of Battenburg. It also includes coronation chicken sandwiches. Did you know that coronation chicken was first created in 1953, when renowned florist Constance Spry and cordon bleu chef Rosemary Hume catered for a banquet to celebrate the coronation of Elizabeth II?

The Queens Hotel afternoon tea outside

Treat Yourself to Afternoon Tea in Cheltenham

In regency Cheltenham at The Queens Hotel, your captivating location overlooking Imperial Gardens requires a captivating afternoon tea – and we serve just that.  Find a comfy seat in the lounge, sit back and indulge in the tastiest savoury sandwiches (made with our own homemade bread), delicious cakes, pastries and the largest scones you have ever laid eyes on. Our afternoon tea is not just for the big kids, we also have a children’s themed Alice in Wonderland Tea for them to enjoy too. Swap hot tea for hot chocolate with marshmallows and exchange pastries for delicious gingerbread men.

Book a delicious afternoon tea with The Sutton Hotel Collection

Afternoon tea should be a treat that takes you away from the day-to-day, allows you to put down your phone or laptop for a couple of hours and just enjoy delicious food with great company. With our warm and friendly service alongside a tempting table of sandwiches, pastries, and cakes, you are guaranteed a delightful experience full of flavourful delights that will leave your taste buds tingling long after your visit has ended.

Click here to book afternoon tea at The Francis Hotel, Bath.

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Click here to book afternoon tea at The Queens Hotel, Cheltenham.

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