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The Francis Hotel Queens Square

Across the enchanting locations of Bath, Cheltenham, and Windsor, where Sutton Hotel Collection proudly stands, lies a tapestry of unique traditions and celebrations. From obscure festivals to lesser-known local customs, each region hosts an array of unusual events that charm visitors and locals alike. This guide invites you to step off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the quirky side of these historic areas, enriching your visit with memories that last a lifetime.

The secret festivals of Bath

Bath, known for its Roman roots and Georgian architecture, also harbours some of England’s most quaint festivals. One such hidden gem is the “Bath Boules Week” – a lively yet lesser-known event that The Francis Hotel is sponsoring to help raise money for local charities. Locals and visitors alike will get together to partake in boules competitions, dressed in traditional outfits, right in the heart of the historic Queen Square, which The Francis Hotel overlooks. The event is steeped in camaraderie and old-world charm, providing a delightful spectacle for all ages. Planning a visit in July? Do not miss this eccentric celebration of local culture and sport between 4th-7th July.

The Francis Hotel Queens Square

Cheltenham’s mysterious side

In the regal town of Cheltenham, beyond the pomp of the racecourse, lies the quirky “Cheese Rolling” event. Held annually on the steep slopes of Cooper’s Hill, this daring competition involves locals chasing a wheel of cheese down the hill in a race that is as thrilling as it is hazardous. The event takes place on 27th May and offers a peculiar insight into British folklore and tradition. The Queens Hotel Cheltenham provides a perfect base for those wishing to experience this bizarre yet captivating local custom first-hand.

The Queens Hotel cheese rolling

Windsor’s eccentric traditions

Windsor might be famed for its royal castle and polished parades, but it also hosts the “Swan Upping.” This centuries-old ceremony involves a census of the swan population on the River Thames, a tradition led by the Queen’s Swan Marker. Taking place over five days in July, this event offers a rare glimpse into the conservation efforts and historical animal husbandry practices that are peculiar to the British monarchy. The Castle Hotel Windsor is ideally situated for guests eager to witness this unique royal tradition.

The Castle Hotel Windsor Castle

Whether cheering on competitors in a cheese-rolling adventure, watching a quaint boules tournament, or observing the royal tradition of swan upping, Sutton Hotel Collection serves as your gateway to these unique cultural experiences. Each hotel not only offers well-appointed accommodations but also places you in the heart of where these unusual local events unfold. Embrace the oddities and eccentricities of these regions and make your next trip a part of local folklore.

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