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Head Chef Tihomir Boho Marche

Who are your culinary heroes?⁠

My first culinary hero will have to be my mother. Her passion about food made every occasion special. I’m truly blessed to have experienced such a variety of flavours and dishes because of her in my early ages.⁠

If I must pick a professional chef, it would be Heston Blumenthal. The fact that he is a self-taught chef that found his own way into perfecting his skills and achieving his dream is just fascinating. ⁠

What do you love most about Bath as a city?

My very first impression for Bath was the stunning hilltop views entering the city. The second thing that grabbed me was the architecture. Last but not least would be the lively spirit of the city. ⁠

Do you have a favourite dish on the Menu?

I equally love the Confit duck and the OX cheek.⁠

Visit Boho Marché to sample delicious signature dishes crafted by Head Chef Tihomir, using his favourite Moroccan spices to a bring a dash of Moroccan magic. Click here to find out more and reserve your table.

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